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The Primary School PTA Thanks You!

Spelling Bee Word Lists

They’re here! The Spelling Bee word lists for all classes are here. Download the entire lists here!


Spelling Bee coming soon.

Well, you’ve heard about the Spanish Spelling Bee competition which took place recently as part of the house competition events; and how proud we were, and still are, about the performance of ALL the children in that event.

Now here’s something a little more familiar. The (English) Spelling Bee will be coming up near the end of May.  The children in each class will be given a certain number of words which they will have to study and know for their Spelling Bee event. The children will be tested with words taken from their respective lists. This means that they will have to be able to spell ALL THE WORDS IN THEIR LIST because they will not know which word will be required for the test.

The list sizes will be as follows:

Kindergarten: 25 words

Classes 1 & 2: 50 words

Classes 3 – 5: 75 words

The word lists will be posted here on as soon as they area available so you will be able to print your child’s list and start studying.

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Dress-up and Movie Day – this Friday!!

It’s Official!!
First Impressions Primary School PTA is pleased to present Dress-up and Movie Day, this Friday April 15th. Featured movies will be Tangled and Megamind.
Prices are as follows: $1 to Dress-Up. $2 per movie. Popcorn and Juice will be on sale for $1 each.
See our poster .

Update – School Pictures

Class Picture

It’s that time again. . . SMILE!

The photographer from Paul’s Photo Studio will be taking school photographs next week. We will update this post when the entire schedule is known so check back on the weekend through Monday.

Monday April 4: Daycare
Wednesday April 6: Kindergarten & Grades 1 & 2
Thursday April 7: Grades 3 – 5

The photo package will be the same for everyone and will consist of:

– one group and individual photo combo
– 2 5×7 individual photo
– 1 photo bag tag
– 1 4×5 photo magnet

The cost of the package is $18.00 and if paying by cheque, make it to Paul’s Photo Services.

You should have a little form to fill out which includes (1) your child’s name, (2) his/her class, (3) payment – please include cheque number if by cheque, and (4) your signature.

Payment should be made by Friday April 1st, 2011!