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Changes: Football & Grade 3 Necker Trip

We were informed only yesterday of the opening of the BDO After School Football League which is taking place today. Details are still sketchy but what is important for Parents to know is that the children will be picked up from the school and taken to the waterfront where they will walk to the AO Shirley recreation grounds for the ceremony.

Then Grade 3 trip to Necker Islands has been moved to tomorrow January 31st. All arrangements remain the same for the day so please drop your Grade 3 child to the Road Town ferry dock by 8:30am.

Thank you

BDO Football League – Training Schedule update!

Please note that a change has been made to the football training schedule;

U12 will train on Thursdays from 4.30pm

U9 will train on Wednesdays from 4.30pm


Coaches Rickie and Atilla’


School’s Field Trip to Necker Island

23rd January 2013
To: All Parents
From: Miss Atterbury

Dear Parents,

The Primary School has been invited by the Special Projects Team on Necker Island to participate in their environment tour of that island. This is in keeping with our General Science module on the environment, so we have taken up their offer. We have arranged with Speedy’s Ferry to transport us to Virgin Gorda. From there Necker Island’s Team will take us, via bus, to Gun creek, and by their boat to the island.

Each class has been assigned a day to visit. The cost per child will be $20.00 (ferry’s round trip, and bus from the ferry back to the school) per student and $25.00 for adults. The size of the group that can travel at any given time is limited. If you are interested in accompanying your child’s class, please see me or Mrs. Frett. Each child will need to bring a snack and water. For ease, they are to wear their PE clothes and sneakers; a cap is also suggested.

The following is the confirmed schedules for the classes to visit:

Monday, January 28th Grades 5 & 6
Thursday, January 31st Grade 3
Thursday, February 7th Grade 4
Friday, February 8th Grade 1
Wednesday, February 13th Kindergarten
Monday February 18th Grade 2

These are the procedures for the trip:

  1. The fare per child must be in before the scheduled day
  2. The children must be dropped off at the Road Town’s Ferry Station by 8:30 a.m.
  3. No child should be given money to purchase anything.
  4. After the trip from Virgin Gorda, there will be a bus awaiting the classes to transport the children to school. Classes will resume then.

After School Football Training

In preparation for the upcoming BDO schools league the school will be holding extra training sessions on Wednesdays and possibly Thursdays from 4 – 5 pm.  The school is preparing to enter a number of teams at the U7, U9 and U12 age groups, numbers permitting, so all students that are keen to play are encouraged to attend.  Coaches Rickie and Atilla will be overseeing the sessions but any other parent keen to help out is very welcome.  Next Wednesday (Jan 23rd) will be the first session so it would be helpful if everyone (all age groups)  who wants to play can attend. Then the coaches will have a better idea of numbers and plan subsequent sessions accordingly.

Please take a minute to sign up your child so we will know what and who to expect for the training. You can sign up here!

If you need to contact either coach please email them at:

Atilla –

Rickie –

Thank you.

Welcome back.

Now that we are all back and settled in we would like to welcome each and everyone back to First Impressions; childcare children, primary students, teachers, all support staff and parents. We hope you had a Blessed Christmas season and we must now work to make this New Year a productive, positive and memorable year.