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U7 matched – Already played!

The U7 match scheduled for Thursday against Enid Scatliffe Gray was played already on Saturday May 12.

Tomorrow’s  U7 match is cancelled!!

Football Practice for U9 & U12 this Thursday

Hello Football Parents,

We are all pleased with the performance of our teams in all divisions of the football league so far. At this stage of the competition we have to keep the players at their best and any long breaks at this stage are not necessarily a good thing. Additionally, as we have now had the opportunity to see the teams play competitively, we need to carry out a little coaching to fine tune their skills and incorporate some strategy to help them perform even better. THE MOST DIFFICULT MATCHES ARE STILL TO COME.

It is with this in mind that we have arranged for a practice game and coaching session with the U9 and U12 teams at the school this Thursday at 5pm. We hope you will make every effort to allow your player to be there.

Thank you in advance for  your cooperation.

Welcome back!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back. We hope you had an enjoyable and safe mid-term break. We’re almost at the end of the school year so prepare yourselves for the “final push” to finish the year strong!

Please check out the CALENDAR page or see the upcoming events (only football matches shown now) for the next couple of weeks. Please note there is a scheduled game on Monday, June 4th.  Stay tuned to see if this gets changed because of the upcoming holiday.

~ First Impressions

Even more Changes – Football this week: May 14 – 19 & recap of last week

Once again the rain is causing havoc on the football schedule. Newest changes in blue.
It seems we will be able to use the AO Shirley field today so games have been moved back there.  If you get this message early enough please send your U7 player out with his or her kit today because we are going to attempt to play a game TODAY if the other players are contacted.


Please see changes below highlighted in red also the match times will be a bit more fluid because of the changes. This weeks games are as follows:

Under 7:

  • Tuesday May 15, 3:45 vs SDA. AO Shirley
  • Wednesday May 17 , 3:45 vs Enid Scatliffe, AO Shirley
  • Saturday May 19, 9:30 vs Leanora Denville, AO Shirley
  • Saturday May 19, 10:15 vs Cedar 2, AO Shirley
    next match May 31st

Under 9:

  • Thursday 17, 4:00 vs Leanora Denville, AO Shirley
  • Saturday 19, 10:00 vs Cedar Green, AO Shirley
    next match June 4

The match results and reports have been updated on the BVI Football Association website. Please click the links here to see the results for U7 and U9 as well as the current standings for U7 and U9.



Today’s Football match postponed, VG on Saturday morning.

Due to continuing rain the football field at AO Shirley grounds is soaked. Today’s game has to be postponed. We don’t have a new date yet but you will be informed.

On Saturday morning the U9 team plays in VG. The boat departs at 9am. There is no cost for the children. Parents who wish to attend can purchase tickets from the FIFA department at $20 each for the round-trip. Call coach Cass at 499-7138 for details.
The match will start after we arrive (around 10am) and should last for about 45 mins total.

Support for Teacher Ann’s final arrangements

Dear First Impressions Parents,

In response to our beloved Teacher Ann’s untimely passing, many parents have expressed their fondness for Teacher Ann, their sympathies for her loved ones, as well as their desire to assist; especially financially, with her final arrangements.  In the interest of time (Teacher Ann is to be interred in Jamaica), and to ease the burden that Mrs. Frett and other staff members are presently carrying, I have volunteered to assist in coordinating collection efforts at the school to ensure that Teacher Ann’s family receives our full support; moral and financial.

To this end, parents who wish to make financial contributions may do so by cash or check.  Please note that checks should be made payable to First Impressions and placed in the allotted box. A donation box will be made available at the school for persons wishing to donate from Friday May 11th thru Friday May 18th.

I will never forget you, the things you helped me through
I saw my inspiration
It is you

You were always there when I needed you
I now will always have great memories of you
You helped me through it all
Coming to save me every time I fall
If I could say one word
That wouldn’t tell it all

I am so happy to have had you with me
You helped me to really see what I couldn’t see
You helped me to find the real me
and turned me into the beautiful person that I was meant to be

– Author unknown

The voices of past & present students” – First Impressions


Stacie Stoutt-James
(First Impressions parent)


Memorial Service for Teacher Ann 4:30pm Saturday May 12 at First Impressions


A Memorial Serice is being held for Teacher Ann this Saturday May 12 at 4:30pm. The Service will be held at First Impressions. We expect to have a rather large turnout and planning and implementation time is limited.

As you can imagine, the resources of the school are stretched to the limit now. If you wish to assist in any way please let the school know so that things can be coordinated, but please also be aware that Ms. Frett especially is under tremendous pressure and that your help will be needed.

This post will be updated periodically and additions will be given date and time stamps so look out for more information.

There will be no body at this memorial service. For those who desire, a viewing has been arranged from 2:30p.m. at the Davis Funeral Home .

If you would like to submit a tribute to Teacher Ann via e-mail, send it to by Friday 7pm. Tributes e-mailed after that time are not guaranteed to be included in our presentation.

The First Impressions Family saddened by the passing of Teacher Ann

7 May 2012

The First Impressions’ family is saddened to announce the unexpected passing
of Teacher Ann.  We received the devastating news this morning and, as can be
expected, the entire First Impressions’ family (students, faculty, staff and parents)
has been affected by this loss.  Members of the Crisis Intervention Team are
on hand today to provide emotional support.   Additional efforts will be made to
assist persons, particularly students, assimilate this crisis.

We do appreciate your understanding, words of comfort and prayers during this
difficult time.  We ask that you pray for her family in Jamaica as they too adjust to
her passing.

As information is forth coming we will keep you informed.

May she rest in peace.

Schedule Update: No U7 match May 5th


There will be no U7 match against Montessori on Saturday May 5th. The school did not assemble their U7 team and therefore are out of that division of the league. So if we go according to the schedule, we have no-one to play against. Sorry for the late notice.