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After School Football League FINALS!!

Going for the goal!

We are very proud to say that First Impressions Primary School has advanced to the finals in every division of the “After School Football League” which, due to many cancellations and postponements caused by bad weather, has stretched from last school year.  Our U7, U9 and U12 teams will play for the tournament.  The teams will compete on Wednesday October 5th, 2011 at Cedar School.

Fixtures are as follows:

Match Teams Time
U7 Final Cedar vs First Impressions 3:30pm
U9 Final Montessori vs First Impressions 4:15pm
U12 Final Cedar vs First Impressions 5:00pm

Award Presentations will take place at 6pm which will bring the tournament to a close.


Please start preparing your children, our players. Many of them overlap and play on 2 teams. They need to start drinking more water daily and in addition to the regular play/training which they do at school, they should also be encouraged to practice at home. On match day you are asked to bring water, orange wedges and bananas.

Also please make every attempt to attend the event so we will have a large congingent to support our players. They have done extremely well despite many obstacles.

Thank you.




First Impressions Calendars now available!

This year’s calendars for First Impressions Child Care Centre and Primary School are now available in PDF format. Download and print yours here today.

Child Care Centre Calendar (Download)

Primary School Calendar (Download)

Announcements: Bookmobile, Teachers, PE Shirts, Football

1) Every Wednesday the Library Bookmobile will visit the school from 10 a.m. -12 p.m.  Library cards have been sent home with your child. If they have not yet been returned please do so before next Wednesday monrning. Parents are to complete the form on the card and sign it in order for children to borrow books.  Every child is expected to borrow a book to read during compulsory reading.

2) Kindergarten to grade 5 teachers are all here and getting settled in.

3) PE shirts are now available at the Office.

4) There was a football match today and we would like to congratulate our U9 team which remains unbeaten. They defeated the team from Virgin Gorda 1-0.  The next match is the U12 team this Saturday (Sep 24), 10:00 a.m. at the A.O. Shirley grounds. Please check the BVI Football Association website for upcoming matches.

Football Training in lieu of postponed match.

As you all can see, it is a bit rainy and wet. Today’s football match has been postponed to next week (21st Sep). But there’s some good news.

We know that the children are disappointed when they have to miss a match so with that in mind, the coaches of the Manitees Footie Club of Sea Cow’s Bay have decided to have a training session to get the children out on the field, doing what they love to do, at the match time today.

Your child is welcome to participate where they will do some drills and probably play a friendly match. This is always beneficial for the children. We need you to bring your child from their school (with a bottle of water) to the AO Shirley grounds around 3:30pm then to pick them up around 4:45 – 5:00pm.

Coach Rickie will be there and he can be contacted at 541-0545.  If there is a massive downpour at the start time please check this website or call Coach Rickie for reliable last-minute information.

Class Schedules

Class Schedules are available for download here

Football Semi-finals next Wednesday, Sep 14th


The semi-finals of last years U9 primary school league is set for Wednesday Sept. 14th at the A.O. Shirley grounds. The first game will be Montessori vs Cedar followed by First Impressions vs the Virgin Gorda team.
Kick off is scheduled for 3:30pm. Our team might be a bit out of shape after the summer break so encourage them to do some exercise and get their fitness back up! Please make it out to support them. They have done very well in the competition so far.

Welcome back and new staff information.

6 September 2011

Dear Parents,

Welcome back from what we hope was a relaxed summer holiday.

Many of the teachers who joined our staff last year, and some who have been with us for the past four years have, for various reasons, moved on from First Impressions.  We wish to acknowledge their contributions not only to the school, but also to you during their tenures with us.

New staff has been hired for all classes.  Teachers are scheduled to arrive from tomorrow through next week Thursday.    In the interim, Miss Atterbury will oversee Grades Three and Six, Mrs Bosch Grade One and Ms. Benjamin Grades Four and Five.   We hope to transition in everyone with as little disturbance as possible.

We appreciate your understanding as we settle into the new school year.

The new staff list is attached for your information.

Yours truly,



Theresa Frett (Mrs.)



Letter from the FUNdraising Committee.

Hello Everyone!
I hope you have had a nice summer break and that we’ve all come back full of enthusiasm and ready to get started.

As some of you may know the school is fast approaching its 20 year anniversary so we have a LOT of work to do!

The FUNdraising Committee had its first meeting at the end of the last term and I’d like to say a hearty thanks to the parents who attended.

At that meeting several proposals were discussed but the key point that was decided is that we need to streamline the process and create a set of annual activities that should generate repeat income.

The proposals that have been approved by the school are below, but these are not exhaustive and we welcome additional suggestions and feedback as to the viability of the options now being considered:


At the meeting it was agreed that it might be best to split the year into 4 quarters and attempt to fit a fund raiser into each.

The ones discussed were:

(i) Meet & Mingle Craft Show

Students should be encouraged to work on craft projects with the aim of displaying and auctioning them at a pre-Christmas event.

The children could also be encouraged to make hats, jewellery or clothing using recycled materials and those items could be modelled during the evening.

This would be a fundraiser with the aim of allowing parents to meet and mingle. Many parents pass each other going into and out of classrooms but there is no structured event that allows them to meet other parents whose children are in the same class as theirs, so this event should also include some “getting to know you” activities for the parents.

NB. As the Money Club’s Fashion Show was postponed, perhaps this year the 2 activities could be combined…..

(i) Spring Fair – “Swap & Save Event”

This would be a fair held on the school grounds on a Saturday in the first quarter of the year. There would possibly be a minimum fee charged for entrance and we would sell “stalls” to any interested persons who could then bring in items for sale after they’d completed their spring cleaning. The emphasis would be on children’s items but all items would be welcomed.

Persons could also be encouraged to donate items to a general stall and all proceeds from items sold would go to the school.

There would be activities for children – bounce about, face painting etc.

Food and drinks would be on sale as well.

(ii) Pirate Party

This would be a fun day and costume party on the beach with a Pirate Theme. The aim would be to try to coordinate it for the end of the Primary School year i.e. around June.

Food would be on sale, there would be children’s activities and there would be pirate themed games, an adult treasure hunt as well as a children’s treasure hunt.

(iii) Pictures in the Park

This would be a series of movie nights at Palm Grove Park or another outdoor venue.

We would show Disney or children friendly movies on an outdoor screen, sell popcorn and other snacks and charge an entrance fee.

People would be encouraged to bring blankets and have a fun family evening under the stars.


Teacher Appreciation Fundraisers

The parents seemed delighted with the genuine affection shown to children by the school’s teachers and it was suggested that in addition to raising funds for school projects that ad hoc fund raisers should also be organised with the aim of making a financial gift to the school’s teachers on Teacher’s Day. These are likely to take the form of food sales and dress up days but other suggestions are welcome.



It was suggested that parents should be encouraged to donate a book a year to further develop the school’s library. Parents would donate books that were age appropriate for their child. This would be entirely discretionary but would allow for a wide selection of reading items for each class. Spread the word but please speak with your class teacher first to determine what is needed.


We decided that each fundraiser should where possible be done with specific project(s) in mind and we should indicate before the fund raiser what the aim was.

We would therefore need to compile a list of about 5 projects and put them up on the website and allow parents to vote as to which projects they would like to see tackled first.


Many hands lighten the load!

A sub-committee will be created for each of the annual fundraisers and also a 5th sub-committee for the teacher appreciation fundraisers.

Please let me know by FRIDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2011 what event(s) you’d like to work on and whether you’d like to chair a sub-committee.

If you know of any new or existing parents that may wish to get involved we would be happy to have them, so drop me a line with their details so I can add them to the circulation list!

Bye for now and sorry for the LONNGGGGG e-mail! 😉