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Acceptable behaviour is encouraged by giving positive verbal rewards. This reinforces a child’s good feeling about his/her behaviour and serves as an example to the other children to act in such a way as to receive this praise. Asking a child to stop and think about his/her unpleasant behaviour enables that child to work at self-control.

For a child not cooperating in a group listening situation, the child is seated by a teacher and reminded of acceptable behaviour.

Removal from the group for a period of “time-out” is the next tactic used for a child who continually demonstrates unacceptable behaviour. This time-out is not punishment, but rather a time when the child may calm down, remember what behaviour the teacher is asking for, and decide for him or herself when he/she is ready to rejoin the group with appropriate behaviour.

Spanking is not considered to be an accepted method of dealing with young children’s behaviour. Children will not be hit, slapped, or spanked in any manner while attending First Impressions.

If behavioural problems persist, the parent is asked to a conference to discuss what may be helpful in motivating the child to behave in an acceptable manner. It may be suggested that the child be involved in a behaviour modification programme, with the parent being involved in the process.

A child may be asked to be removed permanently from the Centre if extreme disruptive behaviour persists.