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REMINDER! Spanish Spelling Bee

Hola! This is a reminder that the SPANISH SPELLING BEE will take place at the school on Friday April 1st at 3:30pm.

I don’t have much more information but best wishes to all participants!

School Pictures

class pictureIt’s that time again. . . SMILE!

The photographer from Paul’s Photo Studio will be taking school photographs next week. We will update this post when the entire schedule is known so check back on the weekend through Monday.

Monday April 4: Daycare

The photo package will be the same for everyone and will consist of:

– one group and individual photo combo
– 2 5×7 individual photo
– 1 photo bag tag
– 1 4×5 photo magnet

The cost of the package is $18.00 and if paying by cheque, make it to Paul’s Photo Services.

You should have a little form to fill out which includes (1) your child’s name, (2) his/her class, (3) payment – please include cheque number if by cheque, and (4) your signature.

Payment should be made by Friday April 1st, 2011!

Student’s Disaster Kit (DDM)

Be PreparedOnce again a natural disaster (the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan) has reminded us that we must be prepared at all times. To keep the Territory, and more so the educational institutions, in a state of readiness, the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) as been carrying out simulation disaster evacuation exercises. You might have heard the sirens earlier today as they were doing one such exercise.

As part of the overall plan the DDM now requires each student 3 years old and above to have a Student’s Disaster Kit. The kit is a backpack with disaster supplies. The child’s name should be written clearly on the backpack and on all items contained therein.

Please assemble your child’s kit and return the kit form to First Impressions by Monday 28th March 2011.

The kit should contain the following:

Item Quantity
Passport Photo 1
Change of clothes 1 full outfit
Cap 1
Rain poncho 1
Kleenex/toilet paper 1 box / roll
Wipes 1 small pack
Small bottle of water 1
Bath towel 1
Small flashlight 1
Real juice boxes 2
Small dry cereal 3 boxes
Can of meat/protein 1
Small box of dried fruit 1
Family photo 1
Small book 1
Hand sanitizer 1 small
Toothbrush/paste/cup 1 travel size
Any necessary medication as needed

Remember parents, you should use this as an example of what you might keep in your car or office for yourself in case of disaster.

Were you a Scout growing up? TheĀ Scout Motto of theĀ Scout Movement has been used by millions of Scouts around the world since 1907: BE PREPARED

Sports Day 2011 – March 31st

ON YOUR MARK . . . GET SET . . .Running Child

This year’s sports day will be held on March 31st at 4:30pm. The children have been practicing their cheers and races. Remember to practice with them on the weekend and let them say the cheers for their house on the way to and from school (at least once). It will be a fun-filled day!

All students should wear their PE uniform. Students in Classes 1 & 2 participating in the “Late for School” race should bring their school uniform including shoes and socks in their bag as they will need it for this race.

Primary School PTA Meeting

Please be advised that the next Parent Teacher Association Meeting for the First Impressions Primary School will be held Wednesday March 30th at 5:00pm. A copy of the meeting agenda will be circulated in the coming days.