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BIG Football day tomorrow Tues 26-Feb

We are off to a great start for all teams. Please see the message below to all Football parents. Support is welcome from ALL FI Centre parents. Have you seen our first football video? Click here!


Dear All,

It’s been a positive start to the league. It was a good result for the U9s on Thursday and an excellent effort from the U12s on Saturday. The U7s seem to be enjoying themselves although I understand there were some raised eyebrows at the size of the opposition in the last match!!!

My only little gripe is timeliness. Everyone has to be on the same page on match day. On Saturday we only had 6 players at kick off (I think it was supposed to be a 9.45 start). There was no real impact for us as the other team was not ready either. However if the opposition is ready at the designated kick off time they will have every right to demand that the game be started whether we have our full complement or not; which will be to our disadvantage.  So let’s try to get a memo out to the parents asking them to make sure they get their children to the ground at least 15 minutes before kick-off (especially on Saturdays). If parents have issues/difficulties with transport on a particular day I am sure we can all rally around and find a solution.

Moving on, we have a busy day tomorrow. All three teams are playing:

1)      U7 @ 4.15 (Althea Scatliffe) – If  Sean and Al can oversee this match;
2)      U9 @ 4.00 (AO Shirley) I will ask JC to oversee the start of that game;
3)      U12 @ 3.45 (AO Shirley) I will oversee this game;


If Marcelo and Bernard are available we can get them to help with the U9s/U12s as well.

I will be at the school at around 3.15 tomorrow to make sure the kids are ready etc.

Any questions let me know.

Thanks everyone and see you tomorrow.



Last minute match changes!

Here we go again. The AO Shirley grounds are in use because SDA School is having their sports day there today. The matches have to be moved.
2) U12 will be played on Saturday 23rd 9:45am at AO Shirley.
Please let everyone know.

Football Practice Wednesday for ALL U9 AND U12. U7 match tomorrow!

Both U9 and U12 have matches this Thursday. For this reason, coach Atilla is requesting that all U9 and U12 players be prepared to practice this Wednesday at 4:30pm.

U7 has a match tomorrow afternoon! Althea Scatliffe school grounds at 3:30pm. Al Broderick will be coachint the team for this match.  Please turn out to support them if you can.



The BDO Football League Schedules

Here it is Parents,

These are links to the football schedules as set by the BVIFA. We will also be updating our calendar so that all matches will be displayed. Thank you for your support and we look forward to another successful year of football. We are the defending champions so we have to be as good as or better than last year. We need your support so come out to the matches whenever you can even if it is for a few minutes of the match. Every voice counts!

Click to see match schedules
7 & under
9 & under
12 & under



Football League U7 Schedule

Hello Football Parents,

It’s that time. We have the Schedule and hope it is all correct. Please note the U7 Schedule is complete. We are waiting for the U9 and U12


First Impressions 7 and Under Football Matches 2013
Date Match Time Venue
11th Feb 2013 First Impressions  vs  Enid Scatliffe Orange 3:30 PM Althea Scatlife
19th Feb 2013 First Impressions  vs  Enid Scatliffe Green 3:30 PM Althea Scatlife
26TH Feb 2013 Althea Scatliffe  vs  First Impressions 4:15pM Althea Scatlife
5th March 2013 Enid Scatliffe Maroon  vs  First Impressions 3:30 PM Althea Scatlife
18th March 2013 First Impressions  vs  Enis Adams 3:30 PM Althea Scatliffe
23rd March 2013 Corner Stone  vs  First Impressions 10:00 AM Virgin Gorda
25th March 2013 First Impressions  vs  Montessori 3:30 PM Althea Scatliffe
15th April 2013 Leanora Denville  vs  First Impressions 4:15 PM A.O Shirley
16th April 2013 First Impressions  vs  Cedar 3:30 PM Althea Scatliffe
18th April 2013 SDA  vs  First Impressions 3:30M Althea Scatliffe
25th April 2013 First Impressions  vs  Enid Scatliffe Red 3:30 PM Althea Scatliffe


Necker Island – Grade 4 now on Thursday 7th

The Necker Island trip for Grade 4 has now been moved to this Thursday, the 7th.

Just to let all the Parents know that Necker Island intends to have all primary school students come over to the island for a field trip each year. Their hope is that from students who see the animals and hear about the work that is going on at Necker Island to rescue endangered species, that there might be some students who develop an interest in what they are doing and choose a career path that will support this type of work. Not necessarily to work on the island, but to work in areas that support their work on Necker, in the BVI and indeed around the world.

Coach Ricky’s send off lime at Mulligans

Alas, tis time to say farewell to yet another member in our FIPS family. Coach Ricky leaves next week to rejoin his family in Jamaica. Let’s give him a proper send off so come join in the lime at Mulligan’s tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, Feb 2nd) from 5:30pm onwards, to laugh, nyam, drink and cry and hopefully re-live the finals on the big screen.
See you all there!
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