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No School – 1st November 2016

Please be advised there will be no school today Tuesday 1st November 2016 due to the inclement weather passing.

Please stayed tune to ZBVI radio tomorrow morning for updates about school tomorrow.

You can also get updates on our Facebook page “First Impressions BVI”rainy day

Director Message Via Quick Schools

Dear Primary Parents,

Please login to Quick Schools to view a message from the Director.

Christmas on Main Street – 6th December 2013 (Grades 4,5 & 6)

Dear Parents,

First Impressions Spanish classes have once again been invited to sing at the opening of Christmas on Main Street on Friday 6th December.

Grades 4, 5 and 6 have been selected to represent the school at this event and we request your permission to allow him/her to attend. We also request that a parent accompany him/her. As soon as he/she is finished on stage, he/she is to be collected.

Children are to wear their school uniform. They will render three items total.

Assembly time is 7:00p.m.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.

Theresa Frett


Training Session for U12 Tuesday and Baughers Bay.

We have a big match this Thursday for the U12 team. So we would like to have a U12 training session at Baughers Bay tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4.30pm. The players will be picked up from the school. Practice should be about 1 hour and we can bring them back to the school or parents can meet us in Baughers Bay to pick up your child.
Please make every effort to have your child attend this practice. They have been dormant for a couple of weeks with just a few training sessions so we need to refresh them and build their confidence and team spirit.
Thank you

Class Meetings this week.

Hello Parents,

Class meetings have been scheduled below. Please make every effort to attend. This is your chance to meet with your child’s teacher and to meet some of the other parents. We have found that the parents’ network is beneficial for both the parents and students especially when homework is not understood or brought home, or when items are missing or unknown items found! Remember we are all part of the First Impressions family and our interaction helps to make our children’s education experience here complete. We look forward to seeing you.



Class Date – October 2012 Time (pm)
Kindergarten Tuesday 16th 12:30
Grade 1 Wednesday 17th 12:30
Grade 2 Thursday 18th 12:30
Grade 3 Monday 15th 12:30
Grade 4 Thursday 18th 5:00
Grade 5 Monday 15th 5:00
Grade 6 Friday 12th 12:30

P.E. at A.O. Shirley for Grades 4-6

We hope most parents will get this information tonight. We apologise for the late announcement on this.

Grades 4 – 6 will be going to the AO Shirley grounds for their PE class tomorrow (Thursday, Jan-5). The school will transport them to and from the grounds. They are combining all their PE times so they will be out there for 90 minutes. The coach says it can be hot at the time they are going so they will need LOTS OF WATER! It is also suggested that they bring a hat  and sunshades.