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Early School Closure – Thursday 17th October 2013

Dear Parents,

We are kindly asking that you collect your child/children at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday October 17. This is to help us accommodate an in house Professional Development session for primary and preschool teachers. As soon as the children are dispersed we will begin our session therefore your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation

Theresa Frett

Update your Category subscriptions

Hello Parents,

Thank you for using our website.

Primary School Parents will be happy to see that we now have a link to QuickSchools at the top of the page. This will make it easier for you to get to the QuickSchools login page.

Our category subscriptions allow you to filter e-mail announcements you get for new posts to the website. You will only receive an e-mail announcement if you have subscribed to the categories associated with the post. At a minimum be sure to click your child’s class or daycare section. If your child has moved up a grade please be sure to update to the new grade as you might miss email announcements of new posts for his/her class. Click the link in any of the e-mail announcements you have received to update your subscriptions.

We don’t post too often or unnecessarily so you just might want to subscribe to ALL, that way you will get an announcement for all posts to be fully informed about FI.

If you don’t get the e-mail announcements be sure to click the SUBSCRIBE link on our website menu and sign up now!!

Thank you for using our website and let us know if there is something more you would like us to do that will make it more useful for you.

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Cricket training fun opportunity this Friday

Coach Nabo would like about 12 players for cricket this Friday at the AO Shirley recreation grounds from NOON to about 3:30. They will provide snacks for the afternoon and a jersey. If you would like your child to take part please call him directly at 343-2638 to reserve your spot and get more information.

Anegada U9 Football Match CHANGE!!

Dear football parents,

The U9 game scheduled for May 11th in Anegada has been postponed to May 25th.

This change allows us to make ONLY ONE TRIP to Anegada, with both the U9 and U12 teams, to play their matches.

Training Session for U12 Tuesday and Baughers Bay.

We have a big match this Thursday for the U12 team. So we would like to have a U12 training session at Baughers Bay tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4.30pm. The players will be picked up from the school. Practice should be about 1 hour and we can bring them back to the school or parents can meet us in Baughers Bay to pick up your child.
Please make every effort to have your child attend this practice. They have been dormant for a couple of weeks with just a few training sessions so we need to refresh them and build their confidence and team spirit.
Thank you

To All Parents – 3 Announcements

Dear Parents,
1) All student athletes who took part in this years’ 2013 Inter-Primary Sports Day are asked to wear their P.E. uniforms on Wednesday 20th March 2013. Our students did exceptionally well and we have arranged to have group photos taken of these athletes/students at the school. Please ensure that they wear their medals on that day. We hope to start taking photos at 9:30am
Thursday 21st March 2013 is the last day of school for the Easter Holidays. The Director, Principal and Teachers of the Primary Division have decided to reward the children for their hard work and sportsmanship displayed at this year’s House Sports and at the Inter-Primary Sports. In doing so, we will have an end of term party for the children. We are asking that parents provide their children with morning snack and water and lunch will be provided by the school. Thanking you in advance for your co-operation.
3) Under 7 Footballers – This weekend, Saturday 23rd March 2013 the school’s U7 Soccer team will be playing in Virgin Gorda against Cornerstone School. Parents who wish to accompany the team to Virgin Gorda are asked to submit their names to Mrs. Vanterpool at the school no later than Wednesday 20th March.The players will travel for free, parents/teachers will pay $20.00 round-trip.

Tomorow’s U9 football match moved to Saturday

Since tomorrow is Sports day for FIPS, the U9 BDO Football league match has been rescheduled to Saturday morning at 9:45am at AO Shirley.

Sports Day tomorrow – 7th March

Dear Parents

This year’s sports day will be held this Thursday 7th March. This year’s event will be an all day affair. Field events will start at 10:00 am followed by the March Pass at 3:00pm. Track and Field events start at 3:30pm.

Assistance are needed from Parents to assist in the days’ events. If you are able to assist please contact your child’s teachers.

This year there will also be a concession stand. Hot Dog, Popcorn, Juice and Water will be on sale.

We hope to make this year’s Sports Day an exciting one!

BIG Football day tomorrow Tues 26-Feb

We are off to a great start for all teams. Please see the message below to all Football parents. Support is welcome from ALL FI Centre parents. Have you seen our first football video? Click here!


Dear All,

It’s been a positive start to the league. It was a good result for the U9s on Thursday and an excellent effort from the U12s on Saturday. The U7s seem to be enjoying themselves although I understand there were some raised eyebrows at the size of the opposition in the last match!!!

My only little gripe is timeliness. Everyone has to be on the same page on match day. On Saturday we only had 6 players at kick off (I think it was supposed to be a 9.45 start). There was no real impact for us as the other team was not ready either. However if the opposition is ready at the designated kick off time they will have every right to demand that the game be started whether we have our full complement or not; which will be to our disadvantage.  So let’s try to get a memo out to the parents asking them to make sure they get their children to the ground at least 15 minutes before kick-off (especially on Saturdays). If parents have issues/difficulties with transport on a particular day I am sure we can all rally around and find a solution.

Moving on, we have a busy day tomorrow. All three teams are playing:

1)      U7 @ 4.15 (Althea Scatliffe) – If  Sean and Al can oversee this match;
2)      U9 @ 4.00 (AO Shirley) I will ask JC to oversee the start of that game;
3)      U12 @ 3.45 (AO Shirley) I will oversee this game;


If Marcelo and Bernard are available we can get them to help with the U9s/U12s as well.

I will be at the school at around 3.15 tomorrow to make sure the kids are ready etc.

Any questions let me know.

Thanks everyone and see you tomorrow.



Necker Island – Grade 4 now on Thursday 7th

The Necker Island trip for Grade 4 has now been moved to this Thursday, the 7th.

Just to let all the Parents know that Necker Island intends to have all primary school students come over to the island for a field trip each year. Their hope is that from students who see the animals and hear about the work that is going on at Necker Island to rescue endangered species, that there might be some students who develop an interest in what they are doing and choose a career path that will support this type of work. Not necessarily to work on the island, but to work in areas that support their work on Necker, in the BVI and indeed around the world.