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Health Information

Each child is required by the Education Department to have on file a health statement, which includes a record of up-to-date immunizations. A copy of a current insurance card is also kept on file.

Therefore, children will not be admitted to the Centre unless the medical examination form and consent forms are properly filled out and signed. Immunizations must be kept current and new information given to the Centre.

The Centre must have on file for each child, in the case of medical emergencies, a signed Medical Consent Form authorizing emergency care and transfer of medical records to the local hospital.  Emergency contact numbers must also be on file.

Any child who arrives at the Centre noticeably ill, with a rash or with a fever will not be admitted for that day. Should a child become ill during the day, the parent is notified immediately and the child is kept until the parent arrives to take the child home.

In the event a child contracts a communicable disease and exposes the other children to it, a written notice of such exposure is given, and parents will be notified when they pick up their children. The ill child will not be allowed to return to the Centre until the period of contagion has passed and a doctor has issued a certificate to this effect.

Colds and coughs are common at centers. We do our best to sanitize our materials to prevent the spread of germs. However, if your child does get a cold or cough please keep him/her at home to help prevent the spread of infection and re-infection of the other children.

We appreciate that this is difficult at times but it is the only way to control cold and flu outbreaks.

Any medicines to be administered are to be given directly to the child’s caregiver along with clear written instructions of dosage.

Please notify the caregiver/teacher if your child is on any medication when they are dropped off i.e. cold or allergy medications or anything that may change the child’s normal behaviour.