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After School Football League FINALS!!

Going for the goal!

We are very proud to say that First Impressions Primary School has advanced to the finals in every division of the “After School Football League” which, due to many cancellations and postponements caused by bad weather, has stretched from last school year.  Our U7, U9 and U12 teams will play for the tournament.  The teams will compete on Wednesday October 5th, 2011 at Cedar School.

Fixtures are as follows:

Match Teams Time
U7 Final Cedar vs First Impressions 3:30pm
U9 Final Montessori vs First Impressions 4:15pm
U12 Final Cedar vs First Impressions 5:00pm

Award Presentations will take place at 6pm which will bring the tournament to a close.


Please start preparing your children, our players. Many of them overlap and play on 2 teams. They need to start drinking more water daily and in addition to the regular play/training which they do at school, they should also be encouraged to practice at home. On match day you are asked to bring water, orange wedges and bananas.

Also please make every attempt to attend the event so we will have a large congingent to support our players. They have done extremely well despite many obstacles.

Thank you.




6 comments to After School Football League FINALS!!

  • Marie-Lou Creque

    Why are the games at Cedar and not at the A.O. Shirley Recreation Ground?

  • T

    FIPS should protest this. THey are playing FInals on Cedar’s home ground and back to back to back!!!! How can that be fair? THe children will not be playing on a level playing field. Bear in mind too that Cedar has a different surface that what FIPS players are used to so the home court advantge is doubled.

  • C

    I have to say that I agree with the fact this should be protested – the kids have worked so hard to come this far and I feel they should play the finals on neutral ground at AO Shirley, or even another field – but to have them play at Cedar is so unfair.

  • Proudmom

    I totally agree and have said as much, FIPS should be involved in deciding where it should be held as all 3 of our teams are playing in the finals.

  • Trecia

    I agree with the games being held at a neutral venue. Should we be calling the football office to voice our concerns?

  • Pier

    Despite our numerous attempts to get the venue changed to a neutral ground, despite many e-mail messages going back and forth with the FA pointing out that having the finals at Cedar is not “Fair Play”, one of the last replies we received says “board have insisted that they are sticking to their decision”. Makes me think there is more in the mortar than just the pestle. Notwithstanding, the children are very excited about the finals and we are going out to do our best. It has been an enjoyable, exciting league and we look forward a great final and to future games in our various cubs and groups. The children continue to improve and they never cease to amaze us. Good luck to all the teams.

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