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BIG Football day tomorrow Tues 26-Feb

We are off to a great start for all teams. Please see the message below to all Football parents. Support is welcome from ALL FI Centre parents. Have you seen our first football video? Click here!


Dear All,

It’s been a positive start to the league. It was a good result for the U9s on Thursday and an excellent effort from the U12s on Saturday. The U7s seem to be enjoying themselves although I understand there were some raised eyebrows at the size of the opposition in the last match!!!

My only little gripe is timeliness. Everyone has to be on the same page on match day. On Saturday we only had 6 players at kick off (I think it was supposed to be a 9.45 start). There was no real impact for us as the other team was not ready either. However if the opposition is ready at the designated kick off time they will have every right to demand that the game be started whether we have our full complement or not; which will be to our disadvantage.  So let’s try to get a memo out to the parents asking them to make sure they get their children to the ground at least 15 minutes before kick-off (especially on Saturdays). If parents have issues/difficulties with transport on a particular day I am sure we can all rally around and find a solution.

Moving on, we have a busy day tomorrow. All three teams are playing:

1)      U7 @ 4.15 (Althea Scatliffe) – If  Sean and Al can oversee this match;
2)      U9 @ 4.00 (AO Shirley) I will ask JC to oversee the start of that game;
3)      U12 @ 3.45 (AO Shirley) I will oversee this game;


If Marcelo and Bernard are available we can get them to help with the U9s/U12s as well.

I will be at the school at around 3.15 tomorrow to make sure the kids are ready etc.

Any questions let me know.

Thanks everyone and see you tomorrow.



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