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Support for Teacher Ann’s final arrangements

Dear First Impressions Parents,

In response to our beloved Teacher Ann’s untimely passing, many parents have expressed their fondness for Teacher Ann, their sympathies for her loved ones, as well as their desire to assist; especially financially, with her final arrangements.  In the interest of time (Teacher Ann is to be interred in Jamaica), and to ease the burden that Mrs. Frett and other staff members are presently carrying, I have volunteered to assist in coordinating collection efforts at the school to ensure that Teacher Ann’s family receives our full support; moral and financial.

To this end, parents who wish to make financial contributions may do so by cash or check.  Please note that checks should be made payable to First Impressions and placed in the allotted box. A donation box will be made available at the school for persons wishing to donate from Friday May 11th thru Friday May 18th.

I will never forget you, the things you helped me through
I saw my inspiration
It is you

You were always there when I needed you
I now will always have great memories of you
You helped me through it all
Coming to save me every time I fall
If I could say one word
That wouldn’t tell it all

I am so happy to have had you with me
You helped me to really see what I couldn’t see
You helped me to find the real me
and turned me into the beautiful person that I was meant to be

– Author unknown

The voices of past & present students” – First Impressions


Stacie Stoutt-James
(First Impressions parent)


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