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The First Impressions Family saddened by the passing of Teacher Ann

7 May 2012

The First Impressions’ family is saddened to announce the unexpected passing
of Teacher Ann.  We received the devastating news this morning and, as can be
expected, the entire First Impressions’ family (students, faculty, staff and parents)
has been affected by this loss.  Members of the Crisis Intervention Team are
on hand today to provide emotional support.   Additional efforts will be made to
assist persons, particularly students, assimilate this crisis.

We do appreciate your understanding, words of comfort and prayers during this
difficult time.  We ask that you pray for her family in Jamaica as they too adjust to
her passing.

As information is forth coming we will keep you informed.

May she rest in peace.

9 comments to The First Impressions Family saddened by the passing of Teacher Ann

  • Pier

    Very sad. Words can’t express . . .

  • I am devastated …I will definitely miss her lovely spirit and the very obvious affection she displayed towards the students. RIP Teacher Ann you will be sorely missed.

  • Cathie

    Words cannot express … she was a truly amazing lady/teacher/friend. No matter how old the children were she would come to cheer them on at sports day, track and field, football games – she loved to see them participate in sports, she never forgot a name or a face and made everyone she came in contact with feel special .. I will miss her smile and enthusiasm for life. She helped make my children become the young men today that I am so proud of. May she rest in peace x

  • Cheryl A Winter

    As past members of the First Impressions Family we are saddened by the passing of Teacher Ann. Our condolences to the entire First Impressions Family. Teacher Ann’s smile and pleasant personality will live on in our memories. May she rest in peace.

  • Chloe Ruffell-Smith

    RIP Teacher Ann, you were an outstanding teacher and will be truly missed.

  • George

    Just this morning, as most days during the week, Little Ms. George and I was having a conversation about Teacher Ann. She has missed her in the classroom. We are saddened by this unexpected event, and pray that her family can find peace in this.

    We love you Teacher Ann!! RIP forever in God’s care.

  • Terrell Harrigan

    May it make your sorrow
    Easier to bear
    Knowing there are others
    Who understand and care

    With heartfelt sympathy

  • Adrianne

    I am very saddened about the passing of teacher Ann. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. I am sure Christ has a purpose. May her family find comfort in knowing that she is sheltered safe within the arms of God. RIP my dear.

  • Kate Henderson

    This is shocking and terribly sad news. Teacher Ann was a truly wonderful person and a fantastic teacher and will be sorely missed. Both of my boys had the privilege of being taught by Teacher Ann and she will always have a special place in our hearts.

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