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Prize Giving and Graduation 2014

On Friday June 27th we will have our Prize Giving and Graduation ceremonies. These will be held on the school grounds at separate times.

The Prize Giving will be at 12:30pm and the Graduation will be at 4:00pm. We expect to have about a 2 hour break between the ceremonies. The children should be dressed in their regular school uniforms.

Congratulations to all Grade 6 students for passing the Primary 5 Exam

We wish to congratulate all Grade 6 students for passing their Primary 5 Exams. Our school has 4 students in the top 20 in the territory, two of which are 1st and 2nd place. We also congratulate all who have helped mold these students to make them successful. Teachers, administrators, parents and friends.

Congratulations to Michael, Guillaume, Nikolai, Lucas, Shakiah and Keshawn

Read about us in the news here and here.

FIPS “Clash of the Classes” football tournament this week!

Hello Parents,

To help our students keep their minds free this week after exams, we will be having a small football tournament which will have matches daily. Each match will have a duration of only 10 minutes (5 mins per half with a small 1-2 minute half-time). Matches should end by 3:00pm daily. The children will play in their school uniforms and will be given some tee shirts to distinguish the team members. If you have the time please come by the school to see your child play.

Here are the fixtures below:

FIPS Clash of the Classes
Football Tournament –┬áJune 16 – 20, 2014
Day 2:30pm 2:45pm
Monday 1 Kinder vs Grade 1 2 Grade 2 vs Grade 3
Tuesday 3 Grade 4 vs Grade 5 4 Monday’s winners play each other
Wednesday 5 G4 & G5 winner vs Match 4 winner 6 U7 Grey vs U7 Orange
Thursday 7 U9 vs U12 8 U7 winner vs match 7 winner
Friday 9 Match 5 winner vs Match 8 winner
Note: Tournament starts at 2:30pm daily. Each match will be 10 minutes (5 mins per half with a 2 minute half-time break)


Champions!! U9 and U12 football teams. U7 also near the top.

Congratulations to our U9 and U12 teams for winning their divisions in the Primary football league. It has been a long and hard league and the final matches were spectacular with some close calls. Thanks to all the supporting parents, teachers and friends who came out to see the matches and to cheer the teams on. Read about the match in the news.

Not to forget our U7 team who ended up at 3rd place (or 4th – waiting for confirmation) though they did not play their final match as both teams were not informed of the final. They did well in this league.