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CHANGES – Talent/Fashion Show & Monday Football

The TALENT AND FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA has been postponed to Tuesday 28th June, 2011. The day before the recognition ceremony. This change is due to the recent abundant rainfall which has soaked the ground making the venue unsuitable for use at this time.

There is a U12 football match scheduled for WHIT MONDAY for which there is a TIME change. The match will now be played at 10am at AO Shirley. All “football parents” please make note! And tell your children to tell their team members.

Football parents – please check the link at the right each weekend and at least twice per week. Two football games were postponed this week due to rain. They will be rescheduled and we must have our players present at all matches.

Thank you


Kindergarten Registration is TODAY!!

Kindergarten registration is today from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Please be sure to have your child properly set for the upcoming school year. We are always happy to welcome children into kindergarten as they start their formal education as part of the First Impressions Family.

FIPS FIPS gi dem licks . . . FIPS FIPS gi dem licks!!!!

That was one of the cheers heard on the sidelines as our U12 team battled the U12 team from Joyce Samuels School. Once again Victory was ours at 4-0. Goal scorers were Kendall and Guillaume in the first half, with Kennard and Ambah scoring in the second half. The children have always wanted to play in the rain and they really got their chance on Saturday. Players and spectators were soaked by heavy showers, but play continued. Even the Under 7’s, whose match was not played because the other team did not show up, were playing in the rain amongst themselves. It was another great day for FIPS Football! A few pictures taken after the match are below. (Send more pictures to

More matches this week! U9 and U12 are the same team so we will be washing football uniforms every night this week!! Make a note on your calendar NOW:

Date Team VS Time Venue
7th U9 SDA 3:45pm AO Shirley
8th U12 Cedar 4:30pm Althea Scatliffe
9th U9 Montessori 3:45pm AO Shirley
11th U12 Althea Scatliffe 10am AO Shirley

Saturday Morning Football

This morning there is an Under 7 Match at 10am and an Under 12 Match at 11am. Many questions have been coming in so please call around when you get this message to confirm that all our players’ parents are aware!! Thanks

BVI Football Association website Fixtures for U7, U9, U12