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Early School Closure – Thursday 17th October 2013

Dear Parents,

We are kindly asking that you collect your child/children at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday October 17. This is to help us accommodate an in house Professional Development session for primary and preschool teachers. As soon as the children are dispersed we will begin our session therefore your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation

Theresa Frett

Update your Category subscriptions

Hello Parents,

Thank you for using our website.

Primary School Parents will be happy to see that we now have a link to QuickSchools at the top of the page. This will make it easier for you to get to the QuickSchools login page.

Our category subscriptions allow you to filter e-mail announcements you get for new posts to the website. You will only receive an e-mail announcement if you have subscribed to the categories associated with the post. At a minimum be sure to click your child’s class or daycare section. If your child has moved up a grade please be sure to update to the new grade as you might miss email announcements of new posts for his/her class. Click the link in any of the e-mail announcements you have received to update your subscriptions.

We don’t post too often or unnecessarily so you just might want to subscribe to ALL, that way you will get an announcement for all posts to be fully informed about FI.

If you don’t get the e-mail announcements be sure to click the SUBSCRIBE link on our website menu and sign up now!!

Thank you for using our website and let us know if there is something more you would like us to do that will make it more useful for you.

Also remember to LIKE us on Facebook!!

Preschool T-Shirts Now Available

The new Preschool T-Shirts have arrived. Stop by the office to collect yours today. The cost of the shirts are $15.00 each.

End Of Year Reminders – NOTE DATE CHANGES!

Dear Parents,
The School’s Christmas Programme will be held next Wednesday 12th December at 4:30pm on the school’s grounds. The date has been changed from Tuesday because the stage was not available for the time that afternoon. The Preschool and Primary students will take part. The children will remain at school all day.
· Primary students will remain in their uniforms.
· Preschoolers are to wear their school t-shirt.
· School party is on Thursday 13th.
· Thursday 13th is the last day of school for Primary School only.

· Reports are to be collected on the 18th and 19th December.

On Friday 14th Centre will close at 5pm.  All daycare children are to be collected before this time.

Last day the centre (daycare) is opened is Friday 21st December.

The Centre (daycare only) opens Thursday 3rd January 2013.

Primary School resumes on Tuesday 8th January 2013

4:30 pick up this Friday!

The Environmental Health Officer paid a visit to inform us that they wish to fog the area this Friday.  This is being done as a precaution with the recent outbreak of dengue in the territory and the increase of mosquitoes with the recent rains.  We need to request all children to be picked up by 4:30p.m. on Friday afternoon to safely accomplish this.

Thank you for your cooperation.

First Impressions Student Handbook now available online!

Hello Parents,
The new Student Handbook is now available online. Parents new to the Centre should read through this document and go over it with your child. It is always a good idea even for returning parents to refresh yourself  with the contents of the Handbook.

ALL PARENTS are requested to print pages 36-38. Fill, sign and return them to the administrative office at the Centre.  These signed pages are required for your child’s file.

Go to the Centre Info page at our website to get your copy, or click here.
To go directly to the handbook, click here.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please consider the environment before printing the handbook. You can always refer to it on-line at our website.

Welcome to our new year 2012-2013

Hello to all,

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of the first week of our new academic year. We want to take this opportunity to say a big welcome to all the new students, parents and teachers. Also a big welcome back to all those returning. As usual we look forward to a great year at First Impressions. Education is the key to a successful life and we want all those who pass through FI to be successful. Let us support each other and work together to make it another fun-filled, hard working, successful year for all of us.

If you are subscribed to this website, please take this opportunity to click the link in the e-mail you received and update the categories that you are subscribed to. Confirm that you are subscribed to your child’s class and any other activities. E-mail does not always go to everyone, so please check your subscriptions now.

We hope you all had a pleasant, enjoyable and memorable summer. Now it’s back to work (which is not a bad thing) and back to building our children who will be the adults of tomorrow.

Wonderful Ending Weekend

Students, Parents and Friends,

We had a wonderful weekend to end the school year. It started with the inaugural graduation ceremony and prize giving ceremony on Friday, June 29th. This was a momentous occasion for First Impressions and we were happy to share it with so many supporters. Congratulations to our first graduates, all of whom passed their exams with a Grade 1 Level pass. These first results from First Impressions Primary School make us proud.  Thank you all for making this day the great day it was.

Then on Sunday, July 1st there was the final day of the BDO Football League and we were treated to a long afternoon of great football which was followed by the awards ceremony. Once again we placed very high in this competition. Our U7 team placed 3rd in their division and an exhibition game was played between the 1st and 2nd place winners. The U9 division played their final match and our team won this match for 1st place in this division. This match was followed by the U12 final match. This turned out to be a nail-biting, heart-pounding match which after full time and overtime was tied with a score of 1-1. The match had to be decided by a penalty shootout and this is where our team finally won the victory.

First Impressions ended up with two 1st place positions and one 3rd place position. Congratulations to all the students who took part and to all the parents who supported all throughout the league and who rocked the stands as we cheered on our teams.

Have an enjoyable summer and we look forward to seeing you again when school re-opens. To those who will be leaving our FI family, especially to the graduates, we will miss you and we wish you success in all your future endeavours.

First Impressions


First Impressions inaugural Primary V Results 2012

We are extremely pleased with the results  received on our Primary V debut.  The grade 6 worked diligently in preparation for their success.

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to each of them, their parents, and Miss Atterbury, their class teacher.

From 22 primary schools 419 students sat the exam and 55 were unsuccessful.

First Impressions placed one student in the overall Territorial Ranking list at #14.

The school registered  7 students and all were successful in earning Grade 1 Certificates

Christopher, Nandi
Creque, Morgan
Davis, Kendall
Dawson, Kennard
Frett, Nailah
Penn, Ambah
Penn, Maat

Placement on the Overall Territorial Rankings were earned in the following subjects:

Mathematics :   #6; #9
Social studies: #3; #7; #11

Next Friday the whole school/centre will be closed as we prepare for the ceremony at 3:30pm.  We appreciate you kind cooperation as the entire staff wished to witness our first graduation ceremony.  We have had 6  of these students since they were 1-2 years old.

Support for Teacher Ann’s final arrangements

Dear First Impressions Parents,

In response to our beloved Teacher Ann’s untimely passing, many parents have expressed their fondness for Teacher Ann, their sympathies for her loved ones, as well as their desire to assist; especially financially, with her final arrangements.  In the interest of time (Teacher Ann is to be interred in Jamaica), and to ease the burden that Mrs. Frett and other staff members are presently carrying, I have volunteered to assist in coordinating collection efforts at the school to ensure that Teacher Ann’s family receives our full support; moral and financial.

To this end, parents who wish to make financial contributions may do so by cash or check.  Please note that checks should be made payable to First Impressions and placed in the allotted box. A donation box will be made available at the school for persons wishing to donate from Friday May 11th thru Friday May 18th.

I will never forget you, the things you helped me through
I saw my inspiration
It is you

You were always there when I needed you
I now will always have great memories of you
You helped me through it all
Coming to save me every time I fall
If I could say one word
That wouldn’t tell it all

I am so happy to have had you with me
You helped me to really see what I couldn’t see
You helped me to find the real me
and turned me into the beautiful person that I was meant to be

– Author unknown

The voices of past & present students” – First Impressions


Stacie Stoutt-James
(First Impressions parent)