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Annual Maintenance – Due in June

Dear Parents,

Please be reminded that Annual Maintenance is taken in June. The maintenance fee is $175.00

For those who are unsure of the fee, please see the attached link from the Handbook as posted on the website which was told to you upon registering with First Impressions:

Maintenance is due when June school fees are paid.

Please be guided accordingly.

BDO revised schedules – received Today

Hello Football parents,

We have just received the latest revised schedules for the BDO tournament and here is a list of all the remaining matches:

Under 7 – A
April 30th – FIPS vs Montessori (4:20 at A Scatliffe) TOMORROW
TBA – FIPS vs Enid Scatliffe Maroon (was this played already?)

Under 7 – B
April 29th – FIPS-U7 vs Enid Scatliffe Tan (3:30 at A Scatliffe) TODAY
May 6th – FIPS vs St Georges (3:30 at A Scatliffe)

Under 13
May 4th – FIPS vs Cedar White (3:45 at B. Bay)
May 11th – FIPS vs Seventh Day (3:45 at B. Bay)
May 18th – FIPS vs Agape/Pelican  (4:30 at B. Bay)
Mat 25th – FIPS vs Enis Adams  (3:45 at B. Bay)

If you see any errors please let us know. You can send an email to

Class Meetings – 21st – 23rd April 2015

Dear Parents,

Nursery, Day Care and Preschool will have general class meetings next week. Information about our new online system will be shared and a demonstration will be conducted.

The meetings will be held in the Lion’s Den as follows:


 April 23RD

NURSERYTeachers Denise & Shania 12:30 – 1:30 PM
TODDLER 1 & 2Teachers Marcy, Alma, Celine & Natalie 12:30-1:30PM
PRESCHOOLTeachers Lisha & Lystra  5:00 – 6:00PM
PRESCHOOL Teacher Leona  5:00 – 6:00PM
PRESCHOOL Teacher Carmen 12:30 – 1:30PM

We look forward to seeing you there.

Mandisa Frett
Office Manager


Football Match TODAY for U13 and U7-B

Hello Football Parents,

There are two matches today!

The U7-B (U7-2) team will be playing the second match at Althea Scatliffe school grounds, which is usually at about 4pm

And the U13 match is scheduled for 3:45pm at Baughers Bay.

Please do what you can to have the players ready for their games.

Thank you

Inter-primary “SWAG” available today at the school

Get your First Impressions SWAG on for the Inter Primary track and field competition tomorrow . . . and use it for all future events too. Available at the school today when you pickup your child or at the field tomorrow during the competition. Tee shirts are $18 each and $16 for kids.

QuickSchools weekly updates, Football

Parents please remember to login to Quickschools regularly to get private school related updates.

Please come out to support the U7 amd U13 football teams this week in their matches:

Wednesday 3:30 FIPS U7 A vs. 7th Day at Althea Scatliffe
Wednesday 3:45 FIPS U13 vs W. Wheatley at Baughers Bay
Saturday 10:00am  FIPS U7 B vs C. Creque in Virgin Gorda

For the match in Virgin Gorda, the players are asked to be at the ferry dock at 8:30 to catch the 9:00am ferry. Some parents showed up at 9:00 and after for the last game and the ferry would not let them on because it was full. Please be there in good time for this match. It is also possible for parents and supporters to get round-trip tickets from Coach Cas for $20 at the dock on the morning of the match.

First Impressions, St. Mary’s Top Prelims Of Inter-Primary Spelling Bee

FISpellingBeeFirst Impressions and St. Mary’s were perfect to lead the ten schools which advanced through to the finals of the 2015 inter-primary schools’ spelling bee competition scheduled for March.

The competition, hosted by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Rotary Club of Road Town, opened on Monday evening at the Sir Rupert Briercliffe Hall with 10 schools with two students putting their spelling skills on the line.

Following three rounds of spelling, the eigh other schools who will join First Impressions and St. Mary’s are Enis Adams, Robinson O’Neal Memorial, Ivan Dawson, Agape Total Life Center, Isabella Morris, Willard Wheatley, BVI Seventh Day Adventist and Ebenezer Thomas.

President of the Rotary Club of Road Town, Mr. Shan Mohamed commended the ten schools who have advanced to the finals and encouraged those schools who were knocked out of the competition to keep working on improvements.

“I am very impressed with the performance of our young students. They were very astute, asking the moderator for definitions and meaning of words before attempting to spell. The students who were on stage were also very courageous and they must be commended,” Mr. Mohamed stated.

Taken from:

Football – U7-A in VG this Saturday

The U7-A team (which played on Tuesday this week) will have a game in Virgin Gorda on Saturday. Coach Cas says parents can get tickets from her on Sat morning for $20 each round-trip. Please be at the dock for 8:30 so we can get sorted out. The boat leaves at 9:00am. Usually we have been able to have the match and catch the mid-day boat back. Please see Ms Atterbury if you are unsure if your child is on this team as there have been some very recent changes due to the U9 team being dissolved. Thanks.

Football Fixtures 2015

Please see the football fixtures here

U7 Group B
Mon 2-Feb-2015 FI-2 Althea Scatliffe 4:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Tue 10-Feb-2015 FI-2 St Georges 3:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Wed 18-Feb-2015 FI-2 Cedar Green 3:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Sat 28-Feb-2015 FI-2 Claudia Creque 10:00 AM Virgin Gorda
Wed 4-Mar-2015 FI-2 St Mary’s 4:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Wed 11-Mar-2015 FI-2 Enid Scatliffe Red 3:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Thu 16-Apr-2015 FI-2 Joyce Scatliffe 3:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Tue 21-Apr-2015 FI-2 Robinson O’Neal 5:00 PM A. Scatliffe
Sat 14-Mar-2015 FI-2 Enid Scatliffe 3:30 PM A. Scatliffe
U7 Group A
Tue 3-Feb-2015 FI-1 Enid Scatliffe Teal 4:20 PM A. Scatliffe
Sat 7-Feb-2015 FI-1 Bregado Flax 10:00 AM Virgin Gorda
Tue 17-Feb-2015 FI-1 Enis Adams 3:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Wed 25-Feb-2015 FI-1 Seventh Day 3:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Thu 5-Mar-2015 FI-1 Lenonora Delville 3:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Thu 12-Mar-2015 FI-1 Cedar White TBA A. Scatliffe
Wed 15-Apr-2015 FI-1 A. Maduro 3:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Wed 22-Apr-2015 FI-1 Enid Scatliffe Maroon 3:30 PM A. Scatliffe
Thu 30-Apr-2015 FI-1 Corner Stone 4:20 PM A. Scatliffe
Tue 3-Feb-2015 FI A. Maduro 3:45 PM Baughers Bay
Mon 16-Feb-2015 FI Corner Stone 4:30 PM Baughers Bay
Mon 16-Mar-2015 FI Montessori 3:45 PM Baughers Bay
Sat 21-Mar-2015 FI Bregado Flax 10:00 AM Virgn Gorda
Sat 9-May-2015 FI Claudia Creque 10:00 AM Virgn Gorda
Mon 11-May-2015 FI Pelican Gate 3:45 PM Baughers Bay
Tue 19-May-2015 FI Cedar Green 3:45 PM Baughers Bay
Mon 1-Jun-2015 FI Jost Van Dyke TBA Baughers Bay
Tue 17-Feb-2015 FI Bregado Flax 4:30 PM Baughers Bay
Wed 25-Feb-2015 FI Willard Wheatley 3:45 PM Baughers Bay
Wed 4-Mar-2015 FI Robinson O’Neal 4:30 PM Baughers Bay
Thu 16-Apr-2015 FI Althea Scatliffe 3:45 PM Baughers Bay
Mon 4-May-2015 FI Cedar White 3:45 PM Baughers Bay
Mon 11-May-2015 FI Seventh Day 3:45 PM Baughers Bay
Mon 18-May-2015 FI Corner Stone 4:30 PM Baughers Bay
Mon 25-May-2015 FI Enis Adams 3:45 PM Baughers Bay


Bookmobile today

Hello Parents,

This is a reminder that the bookmobile will be coming today. Please make an effort to find and send back the book(s) which your child has borrowed. You should have received a reminder letter recently giving the name(s) of any outstanding books. Hopefully most of you will get this message in time.